Raute’s new equipment acquisition Tos Varnsdorf WRD 150 Q

It became necessary to procure a new boring mill when the old machine in use at Raute broke down and attempts to fix the machine failed. The most crucial issue regarding procurement was available space because the new machine would have to fit the existing platform. The other issue to be solved was the cease of production caused by the broken machine, which meant that a decision to invest in a replacement had to be made quickly. The entire procurement process only took a total of about 4-5 months. To support the negotiations, Aki Sainio from Contos arranged for the client to see a corresponding machine at Lehtosen Konepaja and to visit the Tos Varnsdorf factory in Czechia to support the buying decision.

The machine

Make and model : Tos Varnsdorf WRD 150 Q
Control: Heidenhain TNC640
Travels: X=7000mm Y=4000mm Z=1200mm W=800mm
Working table: 50-ton capacity
Automatic tool changer: 80 tool slots
Accessories: HUI50 Complete Auxiliary Orthogonal Milling Head, Pick-Up Equipment
Chip Conveyor, Renishaw Non-Contact Recognition System

Preliminary reception and inspection of machine at the factory

Inspecting the new machine at the factory was a necessary part of the sale of a boring mill.
Those present at this preliminary reception were Aki Sainio and Jaakko Lemmetty from Contos, and Antti Sokura and Vesa Sjˆgren, as well as operators Taisto Karjalainen and Esa Torkkel from Raute Oyj.
At the factory, we inspected the geometrical measurements done to the machine in the measuring transcript. A few measurements were chosen from the transcript for random replication along with a few other measurements that were not part of the original protocol. The results corresponded with the measurements carried out by the factory, and there were no remarks to be made of the additional measurements either. The functionalities of the machine, such as switching tools or milling heads, along with the axis travels were carefully reviewed. Actions for occurring errors and restoration to normal status after an error were also tested. The future operators received detailed training regarding the functionalities of the machine, as well as the contents of the new Heidenhain TNC640 controls, so that the contents of the new control system would not seem completely unfamiliar when the machine would arrive to Finland.

The sale, deployment, training, and holistic maintenance service of the boring drill

The preliminary reception of the machine was approved, and the new machine will be set up in Nastola before the summer. Raute made use of two-company synergy, meaning that the Edufix-Contos service concept provides the customer with more than just a machine. The contract also includes full set up, deployment, training, and an after sales package including maintenance service.

Fact box:
Raute is a technology company serving the wood products industry worldwide.
In delivering factory-wide entities, Raute is a global market leader in both plywood and LVL industries. The holistic service concept includes both the equipment and machinery for the entire production process, as well as technology services from spare part deliveries to regular maintenance and machinery modernizations.

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