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Blaser Swisslube cutting fluids and oils at Edufix

Blaser Swisslube cutting fluids and oils now at Edufix! Blaser’s wide and high-quality selection of cutting fluids and oils includes options for nearly all machining methods and materials. With Blaser products, the service life and service intervals of tools are prolonged, and the surface quality is improved. The products are safe for both the machine operators and the environment and also make production more profitable.

Why should I switch to Blaser cutting fluids?

• Improved machining quality
– A significant difference in the surface quality compared to a traditional cutting fluid
– Minimised amount of scrap castings
– Steady production quality
– Minimal amount of time spent on reworking

• Low production costs
– Prolonged service life for tools
– Less wear on tools
– Better usability of machines
• Improved machining values

– Shorter work rotation, process and turnaround times
– Optimal stability and reliability of processes

• Cost-efficient
– The cost of a cutting fluid amounts to only 0.5% of the total costs, but its impact on the production cost of a workpiece is as high as 95%.

• User-friendly
– Skin-friendly; does not contain allergens -> reduces the costs of employees’ sick leaves
– Contains only bacteria living normally in water -> won’t turn acidic

Liquid tool Analysis

Before we recommend a metalworking fluid, our specialists analyse your machining process, situational conditions, and your expectations and requirements of our product.

Water-miscible coolants

Our Commitment – the Liquid Tool 

Cutting oils and Grinding oils 

Water-miscible coolants

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