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Geometrical machine tool measurement and leveling

To guarantee quality output one has to ensure geometrical accuracy, meaning the straightness, perpendicularity and levelness of axles. Proper geometrical accuracy is a starting point for the machine’s measurement accuracy, meaning the measurement and adjustment of dynamic accuracy of both the axles and positioning accuracy.

Service and maintenance

We have several specialized measurement devices developed for machine tool measurement and leveling at our disposal, such as Renishaw’s, HEIDENHAIN’s, Wyler’s and Optodyne’s products.

Edufix is the official Tos Varnsdorf and Toshulin maintenance representative in Finland. We service and repair other brands of machine tools as well and their mechanical and electronic systems. Our specialty is HEIDENHAIN’s measurement, control and servo systems.

We provide machine maintenance and repairs both electronically and mechanically.

Measurement systems maintenance

We service all measuring rods manufactured by HEIDENHAIN. Often the measuring rod becomes dirty over time, and the rod heads may break or the cable may snap. In most cases, we can help on the very same day, and get your measuring rod back in use as quickly as possible. You can also order spare parts and accessories for your measurement systems through us.

Optodyne laser measuring

Regular laser measuring improves machine tool accuracy considerably. We are using an Optodyne laser that utilises Doppler technology. The laser measuring that the device performs is targeted at determining the positioning accuracy of the machine’s axle motion.

Machine tool KGM measuring

KGM measurement (i.e. grating plate measurement) is an optic contactless measurement method which can measure the dynamic accuracy of a machine tool. The measurement results can be used to adjust the machine’s axle parameters in order to improve dynamic accuracy.

Renishaw QC20-W Ballbar

We use the latest Renishaw device, QC20-W Ballbar that utilises Bluetooth technology. When measuring, the machine tool makes a circle the accuracy of which is measured with the Renishaw Ballbar instrument. This motion is run both clockwise and counter clockwise. The results make it possible to determine all the typical reasons that cause defects in the machining output. 

Blaser Swisslube cutting fluids and oils at Edufix

Blaser Swisslube cutting fluids and oils now at Edufix. Blaser’s wide and high-quality selection of cutting fluids and oils includes options for nearly all machining methods and materials.

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