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Modernisations and overhauls of machines

Boost your machine stock with modernisations

With large machines, in particular, overhauls and modernisations are often less expensive than purchasing a new machine. The frame of the existing machine may even be better than that of a new machine. We perform modernisations and repairs with expertise on both the mechanics and the electrical systems and control systems of the machines. Edufix Oy has carried out more than 20 modernisation projects while our employees have experience of as many as 100 modernisation jobs.

Electrical modernisation

As electrical components get older, malfunctions also occur increasingly often. Problems become more significant with age, particularly with the control and servo components that involve electronics, Old carbon-brush servo motors using the DC technology require constant maintenance and adjustments, and spare parts are no longer available for their control and measuring systems. The renovation of the electrical system is worth it, particularly if the machine is otherwise in good condition or a larger-scale machine. We can carry out modernisations on the control system of the machine or, more extensively, on its entire electrical system.

Mechanical modernisations

All moving parts of a machine are also wearing parts. As a machine grows older, the changes caused by wear and loosening affect the accuracy of the machine and the surface quality achieved. The wear on conductors and slides changes the geometry of the machine, and the gaps in the ball-race screws and bearings cause problems for the machine’s dynamics. If the lubrication system is also functioning poorly, the situation will soon be much worse. Our mechanics experts will give your machine a new life. Modernisation may also increase the cutting parameters of the machine.

• Repairs to lubrication systems
• Adjustments to conductors
• Replacements of sliding planes
• Slide fittings
• Replacements of ball-race screws
• Bearings on spindles
• Grinding of spindles

Data connections of machines

We also install data connections for the Heidenhain-controlled machines, using both WLAN and traditional wired data lines. The RS-232 connections on older controls can also be updated into wireless connections.

Modern wireless data connections involve lower installation costs than traditional technologies. New base stations are also easy to connect to the network.

Both types of technologies can be connected to your company’s existing information network.

We are seeking a new member to our team!

You will work at a service-oriented maintenance company specialising in the usage training, installation and maintenance of metalworking machines. The work is primarily done at our customers’ premises, which requires you to work independently and responsibly. On principle, a strong will to learn and an interest in the industry will be sufficient: you can apply the skills from your existing machinery training etc. on the job. Mechanical skills and knowledge of CNC machines are an advantage.

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