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Renishaw QC20-W Ballbar

We use the latest Renishaw device, QC20-W Ballbar that utilises Bluetooth technology.

When measuring, the machine tool makes a circle the accuracy of which is measured with the Renishaw Ballbar instrument. This motion is run both clockwise and counter clockwise. The results make it possible to determine all the typical reasons that cause defects in the machining output. The device makes it possible to measure the roundness up to a circle with a radius of 600 mm. The largest possible calibrated radius is 300 mm. The advantage of using a calibrated radius is, for example, the possibility to also determine the error quantity in the measurement system.

For instance, when measuring all the motion planes (XY, XZ and YZ) for a three-axle machine we can determine the following from the results

• gap in point of inflection
• peaks in inflection point faults
• servo adjustment faults
• axle perpendicularity faults
• axle motion flatness

Based on the results from the Ballbar measuring, the tool’s actual machining accuracy can be determined quickly and highly precisely. Additionally, the results enable planning and targeting future maintenance operations. Some faults can also be directly corrected by compensating motion via machine control.

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