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Various auxiliary devices at your disposal

We sell various auxiliary devices that facilitate easier, quicker, and more precise use of machining equipment. We offer, for example, Nikken rotary tables, wireless handwheels, and HEIDENHAIN programming stations.

Our selection also includes components removed from old machinery during modernization projects. Our selection includes, for example, Heidenhain controls, servo drives and motors, and measuring system components.

Wireless HBG410-RF handwheel

The wireless HBG410-RF handwheel is meant to be used instead of HEIDENHAIN HR410. HBG410-RF replaces all functions found in HR 410. In addition, it can be equipped with 2 extra outputs, 2 potentiometers for adjusting the feed and spindle speed, for example. HBG410-RF also contains an LCD screen for displaying text.

In terms of features, HBG410-RF is best suited to use with large CNC machines. Its wide operating range of up to 15 metres ensures that the operations of the machine are not disrupted in any situation.

The product includes a radio receiver and charging rack that charges batteries even when the device is not in use.

The device meets the level 3 safety requirements of EN 954-1 standard. For example, a vibration alarm is triggered when the radio signal is weakening or the batteries are wearing out.

The receiver and the charging rack is installed adjacent to the control panel. If the machine has readiness for the HR410 handwheel, the client can install the device using the plug and play model. Extra features always require a site visit of a professional.

HEIDENHAIN Programming Station

Programming station is a separate keyboard that is connected to the computer and looks similar to HEIDENHAIN control keyboard. With the programming station, writing programmes is as easy as with the machining equipment. Programmes written using the programming station can be saved on the computer’s harddrive or transferred directly to the machining equipment from the computer using a data transfer connection for direct running.

The programming station is compatible with most computers with Windows 7 or Windows 10.

Nikken cutting and rotary table

Nikken cutting and rotary table can now be ordered from Edufix.

Nikken is a manufacturer of tool holders founded originally in Japan in 1958. At present, Nikken manufactures not only holders but also many other auxiliary devices for machining equipment. The company has grown into an international device manufacturer, whose selection includes for example a top-quality NC-controlled rotary table series.

Nikken’s wide selection includes a rotary table for every need from a small 105mm rotary table to a large 2000mm rotary table. The range also cover 4-axle, 5-axle, and multi-spindle tables.

For more information on the available models, contact us or visit the Nikken Europe website.

On request, the table will be delivered fully installed and we will provide training on the efficient use of Nikken rotary tables.

Hamma oil skimmers and cutting fluid devices

HAMMA Rapid 2.1 is a high-quality belt skimmer/oil skimmer equipped with a timer. The device rotates a narrow belt in the fluid. The oil on the surface of the fluid sticks to the rotating belt where the device scrapes the oil off and conveys it to a collection tank. Oil decreases the service life and qualities of cutting fluids, which is why an oil skimmer extremely useful.

The belt is selected according to the depth of the tank: belts are available in sizes 185–885 mm. Customised belts for deeper tanks are also available. Edufix has the belts sized 185 mm, 285 mm and 385 mm in stock; other belts available upon request.

We also offer the HAMMA Rapid 4 plate skimmer.

Rapid 2.1 €497.00 (VAT 0%)
Rapid 4 €478.00 (VAT 0%)

185 mm €61
285 mm €75
385 mm €97

Velum - Fast Protection

Velum-protective filters

Velum is an innovative product in order to protect electronic components for industrial manufacturing facilities, compressors and electric motors from oily mist and dust. These substances
obstruct the air flow of the machine, causing malfunctions of the internal components.


Velum is designed for automation machinery, cooling systems, printers and computers, PCs, packaging machinery for the food, chemical industry pharmaceutical and textile industries, CNC machines.

Velum Air

Velum AIR is ideal for compressors, cooling systems and heat exchangers. “Velum Air” has a thicker fabric but lower porosity than “Velum” and is designed to ensure better air flow and prevent overheating. 

Velum Air -suodattimessa on paksumpi kangas mutta alhaisempi huokoisuus, ja se takaa hyvän ilmavirtauksen ja ehkäisee ylikuumenemista. Se on ihanteellinen suodatin kompressoreihin, jäähdytysjärjestelmiin ja lämmönvaihtimiin.

Velum Motor

Velum MOTOR is the perfect solution for the protection of electric motors. With its patented system and reusable holder in polypropylene, this filter can be applied to any kind of electric motor.

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Spare parts profitably

Imprecise machines used under capacity waste time, cause more complaints about the products and are more likely to cause stoppages. Regular and pre-emptive maintenance keep the production capacity up to speed and prolong the working life of the machines.

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