• blaser-lastuamisneste-edufix-tyostokone-huolto-modernisointi
    High quality Blaser cutting fluids from Edufix
  • correa_edufix-tyostokone-huolto-modernisointi
    Correa - New representation service
  • toshulin-edufix-correa-tos-varnsdorf
    Representation service Tos Varnsdorf, Correa ja Toshulin
  • heidenhain-edufix-ohjelmointikoulutus-mittajarjestelmat
    Heidenhain's measurement, control and servo systems
  • varnsdorf-tos-edufix-tyostokone-huolto-modernisointi-metallintyosto
    Tos Varnsdorf services, modernizations ja installations
  • heidenhain-koulutus-edufix
    Heidenhain certified programming training
  • toshulin-edufix-huolto-tyostokone-modernisointi-karusellisorvi
    Toshulin machining service, -installation and -modernisation
  • renishaw-edufix
    Renishaw machine tool measurement and leveling
  • speroni-esiasetuslaite-edufix
    Speroni presetting devices from Edufix


New representation Nicolas Correa- Nicolas Correa maintenance and spare parts can be purchased from Edufix.
Now Blaser coolants added to our selection- Blaser is a high quality cutting fluid and oil manufacturer from Switzerland.
WinNova’s modernization- Edufix carried out Länsirannikon Koulutus Ltd. WinNova Rauma unit’s Bridgeport VMC800/22 vertical machining center’s modernization.

Edufix Oy

The company offers maintenance services to the machining industry and specializes in the operator training, installation, and servicing of metal machining equipment.

Edufix provides high-quality machining equipment modernization services, certified trainings, and measuring services relating to machining equipment. Our selection includes, for example, many Heidenhain, Renishaw, Speroni, Nikken, and Heimer products, spare parts, and accessories. In addition, we are an authorized service company for TOS Varnsdof boring machines.

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  • Heidenhain’s measurement, control and servo systems
  • Programming training certified by Heidenhain
  • Installations, services and spare parts for machining tools
  • Modernizations and basic repairs of machining tools
  • Machine tool measurement and leveling
  • Tools for improving machining equipment like cutting fluids, presetting devices and measuring tools